Our Mission  

Madonna's School of Dance will provide a professional, fun and safe atmosphere for students and their families. Dancers will learn dance technique, various styles of dance, and will know how to dance, not just learn a dance to perfect. We enjoy dancers of all ages and levels, and treat each individually.

Our teachers have close relationships with the dancers and their families, to help the dancer achieve what they want out of their dance experience. We are aware that most of our students will not go on the be professional dancers, or even dance in college, but every student is given the same opportunity to enjoy dance at every level. If the dancers do decide to go to professional level, they leave our studio well prepared. Our teachers have college degrees in dance and/or are members of Dance Masters of America-certified to teach dance.

The classroom is full of discipline, yet fun and exciting new things to learn. We use improvisation often in the classroom to inspire the students to move freely and feel the music, to just dance without corrections or consequences. We learn so much from them during this time!