FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Payment is due the 1st lesson of the month with a $12 late fee after the 10th.
Go to dress code page for the class you are taking dress code. Please buy leather or canvas ballet shoes from a reputable dance company, such as Discount Dance. The shoes desired for each class is on their website.
Please call or email the studio to let the teacher know you will be missing. Class fees are not prorated for classes missed. You can make up a class in a level lower or higher than yours.
The studio will be open most days. If I close the studio I will inform through an email, and on Facebook and Instagram. Please follow me there. I will not make up if only one class is missed, but will make up the class if it is cancelled twice. If I am open and you decide not to come because of the weather, that does not count as a missed class.
Recital is on June 8th, with dress rehearsal on the 7th at Bellbrook High School
Costumes fee is $80 per costume due December 15. Fee includes all parts of costume, tights, headpiece. Does not include shoes.
No. It is not a requirement, but it is the best ending to a great year! If you are not able to be in recital and do not want a costume, you must let the studio know before Winter Break. Costumes will not be ordered for those who have not paid for them.
I try to follow Beavercreek City School calendar. We will be closed on Labor Day, Memorial Day, the week of Thanksgiving Nov 19-24, BHS Winter break- Dec 21-Jan 1st (one day early) and Spring Break Mar 25-30. WE DO NOT CLOSE FOR PRESIDENTS DAY OR MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY OR ANY OTHER DAYS STUDENTS ARE OFF!